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Siddharth Khattar skhattar111 at
Tue Mar 7 14:05:43 UTC 2023

Hello all,
So I was aiming to make a project to improve the amd64 BSP for RTEMS
(modify it according to ACPI standards along with other stuff) but first I
would need to build it. Unfortunately there was no way to build it natively
within RTEMS source. So, I needed to install QEMU and had to build the UEFI
firmware,OVMF by Tianocore in order to build it. Unfortunately, I am stuck
on this step as building edk2 on Ubuntu 22.04 is causing problems as with
the gcc version. To be exact, with the use of variable length arrays (VLAs)
in the code. Starting with GCC version 8.0, VLA's are not supported by
default and generate warnings or errors when used.

 An alternate path would be to use docker and build it using Stuart within
that. And the last possible option would be to build it through a Ubuntu
18.0 VM. I was wondering if anyone in the community has knowledge regarding
the x86_64 BSP for RTEMS would be able to guide me with this? as the docs
regarding this (9.18) are a few years old and are not completely up-to-date.

Thanking you for your time,
Siddharth Khattar
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