FreeBSD libefi import -- how to proceed?

Karel Gardas karel at
Tue Mar 28 10:27:34 UTC 2023


I'm using FreeBSD's libefi on my hacked multiboot2 based amd64 BSP which 
I'd like to push for review (at least).

Now, I'd like to prepare libefi for import but I'm still in doubts if to 
do that in:

- as intact form as possible, import even files which will not be used 
in foreseeable future or even ever

- as minimalistic as possible. Include only files really needed by 
RTEMS. Where making compilation issues #ifdef __rtems__ as usual.

What exactly I need to import is:

In 'include' I'd like to omit risc/arm/arm64 platform specific 
subdirectories for now.

Anyway, plan is to put both those directories into 
bsps/shared/freebsd/stand/efi to mimic perfectly location in FBSD tree 
and to have them ready to be reusable later for arm64 and risc-v BSPs 


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