RSB format changes to meet coding standard

Chris Johns chrisj at
Sun Apr 21 00:18:57 UTC 2024

On 19/4/2024 7:15 pm, Andrew.Butterfield at wrote:
> Will you also do this with the formal code in rtems-central/formal ?

Sorry, I do not use it so would prefer not to update it just yet. I think it
best left to the leaders of that repo.

> I do remember using yapf at some point – I have no problem in your doing this here.


> I expect to be proposing an update to the formal stuff
>  (models,code,documentation) over the Summer period as well.

Great and looking forward to see the results. We will be on GitLab soon and that
will help us all with merge requests as well as coordinating these activities,
for example GitLab has Epics.


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