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Bumping last update of last year's renode porting result. Rebased to
most recent commit on master.

Testing using renode docs. Consists of how to install it and how to add
new configuration to test BSP using renode.

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+Testing Using Renode
+`Renode <https://renode.io>`_ is one of the simulators supported for testing
+BSPs using rtems-test. Currently, two BSPs are supported
+for testing via Renode: RISCV Kendryte K210 and SPARC Leon3. To use it,
+the host computer needs to have the necessary dependencies installed.
+1. Mono
+   Renode requires Mono >= 5.20 (Linux, macOS) or .NET >= 4.7 (Windows).
+   .. csv-table::
+       :delim: |
+       **Linux** | Install the ``mono-complete`` package as per the installation instructions for various Linux distributions, which can be found on `the Mono project website <https://www.mono-project.com/download/stable/#download-lin>`_.
+       **macOS** | On macOS, the Mono package can be downloaded directly from `the Mono project website <https://download.mono-project.com/archive/mdk-latest-stable.pkg>`_.
+       **Windows** | On Windows 7, download and install `.NET Framework 4.7 <https://www.microsoft.com/net/download/dotnet-framework-runtime>`_. Windows 10 ships with .NET by default, so no action is required.
+2. Other dependencies (Linux only)
+   On Ubuntu 20.04, you can install the remaining dependencies with the following command::
+      $ sudo apt-get install policykit-1 libgtk2.0-0 screen uml-utilities gtk-sharp2 libc6-dev gcc python3 python3-pip
+   If you are running a different distribution, you will need to install an analogous list of packages using your package manager; note that the package names may differ slightly.
+Installing Renode
+All the dependencies are installed, you can go install Renode using the RTEMS Source Builder (the RSB).
+First, ``cd`` into the place where you put your RSB directory. Then you install Renode as follows::
+$ cd source-builder
+$ ../source-builder/sb-set-builder --prefix=$YOUR_PREFIX --trace --bset-tar-file renode
+Adding New BSP Test Config
+The implementation of Renode testing in ``rtems-test`` can be found in the rtems-tools repository
+at ``tester/rtems/renode`` folder. This folder contains all the ``resc`` scripts used to configure
+BSP testing with Renode. To add a new test configuration, you first need to check if the BSP is
+supported by Renode. You can do this by visiting `Renode's page that lists all supported boards 
+If the board is listed there, you'll likely find an example ``resc`` script for a simple 
+testing configuration for the BSP in `Renode's GitHub repository 
+<https://github.com/renode/renode/tree/master/scripts/single-node>`_. You can then copy the 
+configuration to a new resc file in ``tester/rtems/renode``. The additional configuration that
+you need to add for it to work is the following::
+  showAnalyzer "uartAnalyzer" uart Antmicro.Renode.Analyzers.LoggingUartAnalyzer
+  uartAnalyzer TimestampFormat None
+  set report_repeating_line """
+  from Antmicro.Renode.Logging import ConsoleBackend 
+  ConsoleBackend.Instance.ReportRepeatingLines = True
+  """
+  set add_hook """
+  def my_match(line):
+      ok_to_kill_lines = [
+          '*** TEST STATE: USER_INPUT',
+          '*** TEST STATE: BENCHMARK',
+          '*** END OF TEST ',
+          '*** FATAL ***'
+      ]
+      return any(l in line for l in ok_to_kill_lines)
+  def my_hook(line):
+      print line
+      monitor.Parse("q")
+  Antmicro.Renode.Hooks.UartHooksExtensions.AddLineHook(monitor.Machine["sysbus.uart"], my_match, my_hook)
+  """
+  python $add_hook
+  python $report_repeating_line 
+You need to add the above script configuration just before the ELF is loaded. In many cases,
+this is before the ``sysbus LoadELF`` line. The additional configuration is used to terminate the
+test according to the configuration of ``rtems-test`` and to map the test output to stdout.
+The next step is to delete the ``$bin`` variable definition from the example script. 
+This is because the ``$bin`` variable will be supplied via the ``renode.cfg`` file as the test binary.

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