[RFC] generic CAN/CAN FD susbsytem for RTEMS from scratch - online documentation

Michal Lenc michallenc at seznam.cz
Tue Apr 30 06:59:22 UTC 2024


> OK. Maybe then it would be good to make some notes in which cases it's
> OK to add another flag to avoid that someone adds a lot of hardware
> dependent flags here.

Yes, we will add the description. Thanks.

> I assume if something is really very special to a specific hardware,
> the driver should get an extra driver specific IOCTL for that, right? 

Yes, this is already implemented, although not used for CTU CAN FD at
the moment. IOCTL calls not recognized by common layer in can-bus.c are
passed to the driver (if driver implements this functionality, otherwise
-EINVAL is returned immediately). So it is possible for driver to have
specific IOCTL calls.

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