BBB: "sd" command

Ed Sutter edsutterjr at
Tue Aug 4 00:14:46 UTC 2015

Very nice!
Not sure how you tested it, but here's what I did:

To test "sd read"...
I first rebuilt uMon with Xmodem enabled (config.h: INCLUDE_XMODEM set).
I ran "sd read 0x8000b000 0 100" to pull the first 100 blocks from SD to ram.
Then I used xmodem to pull the same rawboot.bin image file into ram at 0x80100000.
I ran "cm -v 0x80100000 0x8000b000 50680" to verify that the image I downloaded
using Xmodem was identical to the image I pulled in from the SD card.
Perfect match!

To test "sd write"...
I rebuilt uMon with verbose help enabled (config.h: INCLUDE_VERBOSEHELP set).
I downloaded the new rawboot.bin file to 0x80100000.
I used "sd write" to put that data into the base of the SD card.
I was then able to reset the board and run "help sd" to see the verbose help message.
So, not only did the sd-write succeed, but we're now able to update without removing
the uSD card from the board!!!

Good stuff!!!
I'm almost getting tired of saying this (just kidding)...
Great job!
Its in the master.
> These series of patches implement the "sd" command with initialization, reading, and writing
> functionality.  The motivation for the implementation of the "sd" command in the BBB port was to
> avoid any modification to the core files as of right now.  The SD interface utilizes the SD mode
> as opposed to the currently implemented SPI mode SD interface in uMon.  Future plans include
> integrating the SD mode implementation with the core files.
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