GCI tasks?

Ed Sutter edsutterjr at gmail.com
Thu Dec 3 11:54:03 UTC 2015

> The tasks need to be small work units with 4-8 hours for an experienced
> developer being a good guideline.
> https://github.com/joelsherrill/gci_tasks is where we have staged the "bulk"
> tasks before importing them into the GCI site. There are tasks from previous
> years.
> My first cut at possible uMon tasks would be something like:
> + convert existing documentation into the current preferred format.
>    Probably on a chapter level or something small enough to be manageable.
>    We did something similar to this a few years ago.
Yea, per-chapter blocks makes sense.  You guys can convert to whatever format
you think is best.  I am so far behind with this stuff... still using (and quite happy
with actually) vi, cscope, make and WORD...  But then, I drive a Saturn VUE, so
clearly I don't need anything fancy.  :-)
> + Add SPDX..org license tags. This will be incredibly easy for uMon since
>    all the code in the new repo is Apache.
Not sure what this is, but if it helps/aids RTEMS, do it...
The only think I ask is that you don't do anything that would somehow keep me
from still using the original code on my site for other non-RTEMS stuff.  I don't
have any plans there but don't want to lock it out either.
> + Do you want Doxygen style comments? We have used students to do
>    work like this in the past and have some more tasks this year to add
>    Doxygen comments. This has required us writing very detailed instructions. :)
I think I'd prefer to do that.  I'm sure many of the comments could be updated anyway
and I'm the only one that will be able to quickly determine that.
> + Is there a way to write unit tests which could run on some common code
>    on a host? This could be a set of harder tasks and allow some testing
>    independent of being on a board. If possible and we have a design.
>    High school students won't have the skill to do this. If we don't have time
>    to do this (or want to for GCI), this might be worth investigating as a
>    GSOC project.
In the porting chapter there are a bunch of informal tests so some of that is
already done.
> --joel
> Gedare or I can invite you as mentor so you can see what we have imported
> so far.
Still very much up to my neck here, so you can invite if thats needed for me to
have readable access to the work they do, but it is still unlikely I can help much
more than that.

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