Umon command line reached in BBB

Chris Johns chrisj at
Fri Jun 19 02:35:54 UTC 2015

On 19/06/2015 12:17 pm, Ed Sutter wrote:
> Is this all explained through the patches you've submitted?  If yes,
> spoon feed me
> a bit regarding how I can pull in your changes, because as of right now
> I'm confused.
> I apologize for not syncing up on this sooner; I tend to just go off on
> my own and
> do things in a corner, so I haven't really been paying enough attention
> to the stuff
> now in git.

No need to apologize. Once you get a suitable work flow git is really
helpful in helping maintain open source projects. Here is a full run
done for you play with. The first command is the best one to get back to
a sane state if everything seems to appear broken. Also work on a branch
and then just delete it if you think it is broken.

First sync a clone back to the master:

 $ git reset --hard

Then create a branch. Branches in git are cheap and very helpful.

 $ git checkout -b jc-1

Here I have made a branch called 'jc-1' so his first round of patches
can be applied and tested.

Save the email from the list in a plain text format.

Apply the email patches:

 $ git am < 0001-blah-blah

where '0001-blah-blah' is the save file name. Apply in order.

Once this is done a status should show nothing outstanding.

 $ git status

A review of the log should show the commits.

 $ git log

You can now build and test the patches.

[*** this bit is extra and can be ignored ***]

You could leave those patches and do something else. For example:

 $ git checkout master
 $ git checkout -b play-ground-1
    [ edit, commit etc ]

I might now commit a change to the master and you would pick it up with:

 $ git checkout master
 $ git pull

Note, this assumes you have no uncommitted or stashed changes.

This also means the commits on jc-1 are out of sync with master:

 [*** end the extra bits ***]

Sync out with master:

 $ git checkout jc-1
 $ git rebase master

Merge the patches into the master:

 $ git checkout master
 $ git merge jc-1

If you are happy push (needs an ssh cloned repo):

 $ git push

If this fails because someone else has pushed changes, try:

 $ git pull --rebase
 $ git push

If there are conflicts you need to resolve those and commit the changes.

Once you are happy delete the jc-1 branch. For the next set of patches
create jc-2 or what ever you like.

I hope this help and is not too confusing. Feel free to ask any specific


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