First run of removing code specific to CSB740/OMAP3530 and replacing it with that of BBB/AM335xin BBB port

Ed Sutter edsutterjr at
Tue Jun 23 02:50:07 UTC 2015

Ok, I think I'm where you are now.  Good job with the patches!
Note, I'm *still* not using the RTEMS compiler (which I need to do).  I
just wanted to walk through some of the patches to see if I could get
to your state.  Building it this way, it appears that I have the same problem
you've been talking about.  On the other hand, if I build off of umon1.19
there is no problem (which, again, I think is the same thing you reported).

I had to make two changes after applying all the patches you submitted, but
you must have them already.  Let me know if you disagree...

They are regarding the BOOTROMBASE/BOOTRAMBASE variables in the Makefile
and the UART base address in config.h.

The intelligent thing at this point would be to back off and install the RTEMS
compiler; however, its too late to start that now so I'm just gonna play around
with this for an hour or so...

diff --git a/ports/beagleboneblack/Makefile b/ports/beagleboneblack/Makefile
index 77af32d..7986561 100644
--- a/ports/beagleboneblack/Makefile
+++ b/ports/beagleboneblack/Makefile
@@ -23,14 +23,15 @@ CUSTOM_CFLAGS       = -mcpu=arm1136j-s -O2 -isystem $(ABIDIR)/include -Wno-char
  # Memory map configuration:
  # The following variables are used to establish the system's memory map.

  # These next two hard-coded values are used by the ramtst version of
  # uMon to allow it to know where these flash-based structures are located.
diff --git a/ports/beagleboneblack/config.h b/ports/beagleboneblack/config.h
index c623456..e246f88 100644
--- a/ports/beagleboneblack/config.h
+++ b/ports/beagleboneblack/config.h
@@ -25,7 +25,8 @@
  //#define MORE_PUTCHAR lcd_putchar
  //#define CONSOLE_UART_BASE (OMAP35XX_L4_IO_BASE+0x6C000)
-#define CONSOLE_UART_BASE 0x4806C000
+//#define CONSOLE_UART_BASE 0x4806C000
+#define CONSOLE_UART_BASE 0x44e09000

  #define SIO_STEP 4
  #define IEN_DEFAULT 0x40
@@ -143,8 +144,8 @@
   * allocated to malloc in the monitor.  Note that this size can be dynamically
   * increased using the heap extension option in the heap command.
-#define ALLOCSIZE      1024    // (64*1024)
-#define MONSTACKSIZE   (16*1024)
+#define ALLOCSIZE              (1*1024)
+#define MONSTACKSIZE   (1*1024)

  // Cogent specific options
  #define INCLUDE_I2C                            0

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