thoughts for next steps...

Ed Sutter ed.sutter at
Wed Jun 24 13:37:56 UTC 2015

Something to consider...

I think the next two big steps are:
- Init DRAM
- Boot standalone (using uSD instead of UART)

I believe your current plan was to work on DDR-init next; however it may be
better (your choice, just adding my 2cents) to consider booting from microSD
as the next task.  Here's why I say that...

As you are playing with DDR-init you'll have to do a lot of restarting 
the board.
Each time you do that, you'll have to reboot using Xmodem.  This requires a
few manual steps: hold boot button while power cycling, then issue xmodem...

Alternatively, if you get the boot-from-uSD card stuff working, and then 
the eMMC (causing the cpu to automatically boot from uSD), you should be
able to just push the reset button to restart a locked up board.

It would just be easier (IMHO) if the board could reset with this basic 
uMon image
(what you have running now) by default.  Know what I mean?  If yes, what 
do you think?

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