Still undergoing attempt to boot Umon from SD

Chris Johns chrisj at
Mon Jun 29 06:21:47 UTC 2015

On 29/06/2015 1:48 pm, Jarielle Catbagan wrote:
>> Not using RTEMS's libc is important.
>> Once the files are in the umon repo I will build and take a close look
>> with JTAG.
> The uMon repo actually has the patches I submitted merged in already.
> It allows a basic uMon image for the BBB to be built. The only thing
> is that the master uMon repo is not set up yet to build using the
> RTEMS tools.  The reason for this is that I wanted to get the
> necessary files that removed the data exception that was occurring
> merged in before updating the build process to use the RTEMS tools
> instead. 


> I do want to mention that I plan to get uMon integrated into
> the RTEMS Source Builder and have it built that way and so I'll be
> taking a closer look into this shortly.  Any advice on how I should
> proceed will be much appreciated.

Once it is building on the supported hosts it should be easy.

> The files that temporarily rectify the data exception is not included
> but building uMon should allow it to still reach the uMon command
> line.  And so to have the master uMon repo to build using the RTEMS
> tools is just a matter of updating the ABIDIR and the TOOL_PREFIX
> variables in the BBB Makefile.
> So to build the master uMon sources using the RTEMS tools, in my case
> the values of these variables were simply
> ABIDIR = $(HOME)/opt/lib/gcc/arm-rtems4.11/4.9.2
> and
> TOOL_PREFIX = $(HOME)/opt/bin/arm-rtems4.11
> then the steps to build uMon with the current directory pointed to the
> BBB port directory are
> $ source bashrc

I do not have bash installed.


> which then produces the binaries in the build_BEAGLEBONEBLACK
> directory.  The built image is boot.bin.
> If it's not much trouble at all, if you do take a closer look at uMon
> attempting to boot off of an SD card, that would be great!

I will try but I am traveling later this week and thing have already
piped up.


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