Still undergoing attempt to boot Umon from SD

Chris Johns chrisj at
Tue Jun 30 00:20:37 UTC 2015

On 30/06/2015 12:53 am, Jarielle Catbagan wrote:
> Being that this will be my first time using a JTAG debugger I wanted
> one that was cost-effective as well as easy to set up with the BBB, I
> did some research and the one I ended up getting was the Flyswatter2
> which can be found here:
>  I also got the JTAG
> adapter kit in order to connect the BBB to the Flyswatter2 which can
> be found here:
> They also have a wiki on how to set up the JTAG debugging with the BBB
> which can be found here:

These are what I have and in fact I have a couple. I also use them on
client sites. Rusty at Tincan Tools is great.

> I have to admit that this will be a learn-as-I-go process.

Fantastic to hear. Imagine the world if we all knew everything.


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