Pedro Romano l35694 at
Sun Jul 6 13:44:36 UTC 1997

On Sun, 6 Jul 1997, Charles Brain wrote:

> My problem is now is that when it comes to build hello.exe it cannot
> find
> crt0.o .I have looked in gcc-go32.cfg and in the case of Go32 it uses
> crt0.o
> instead of start.o.
I presume you are cross-compiling to go32 from an unix environment (namely
The thing with building the go32 bsp from Linux is that the binaries I
obtained always generated protection faults or similar errors when run
under DOS.
I managed to cross-compile from Linux to go32 other applications with no
trouble at all an run them successfully. The rtems ones never worked. I
suppose it needs some delving into the initialization code of the go32 bsp
and maybe some changes.
Back to your problem it is essential to know if you can compile normal
applications (have you everything you need namely /djgpp/v2/
and is everything in the right place)? has the crt0.o file as well as others needed for the
cross-compilation environment.
I never went farther with the go32 bsp, because what I needed was RTEMS
booting from a bare PC (no DOS). I adapted the go32 bsp with some bits
(mainly in the processor initialization code) from the force386 bsp and
created a new pc386 bsp with thich I'm working at the moment and seems to
work just fine (I've compiled and tested all the tests that come with the
distribution and have nearly finished a simple text window system for
the pc386 console - it's nice to have diferent tasks running in different
windows and with different colours!).
I'm booting my binaries with remote boot across a network (it's the most
comfortable approach when cross-compiling from linux), using Gero
Kuhlman's loader (used for Linux and DOS).


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