RTEMS with post-boot code.

Jacob W Janovetz janovetz at ews.uiuc.edu
Wed Oct 29 00:11:04 UTC 1997


   Does the RTEMS build structure already support a system which 
will allow the user to send processes to the board after it has
been built?  In other words, say I have RTEMS compiled with a 
simple monitor-like program.  After the board has booted to this
program, I'd like to send another program to the board and run it.
This other program should have access to all of RTEMS.

   When RTEMS builds with the standard Makefiles, it creates a
'program.num' file that has all the entry points and such for
system calls.  These could be used to redefine the entry points.
However, another library file would have to be built that gives
any subsequent programs the addresses to call.  Better yet would
be a look-up-table which is ordered in a standard way.  The 
library routines would then check the look-up-table for the 
appropriate address to call.

   What I'm saying is unclear because I don't know what this
'technique' is called.  Operating systems like DOS and 
OS/2 and Windows and such have this capability of course.  

   It gets down to wanting to send other programs to the board
through a serial connection (or later, an ethernet connection).
Then I can solidify my boot code and just write other application


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