RTEMS with post-boot code.

Chris Johns cjohns at plessey.com.au
Wed Oct 29 13:50:04 UTC 1997

Joel Sherrill wrote:
> It is easier but forces you to relink the entire application and download
> it.  GNU ld has some options to do something like "use address -- not
> object code from this file".  I think using that, you could reuse the code
> for RTEMS (and maybe other things like C library routines) which are
> linked into  the monitor.

I have used this approach in the past. Not with RTEMS. The problem I ran
into was the application programmer using a C library function which was
not in the ROM. You either had to take it out of the C library and link
it directly to the application or redo the ROMS. I did not have enough
ROM to fit the complete C lib.

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