RTEMS with post-boot code.

Jacob W Janovetz janovetz at ews.uiuc.edu
Wed Oct 29 18:02:52 UTC 1997

Hi all...

   This thread sure sparked up some conversation.  I'm currently
reading through all the notes on this stuff to make a decision.
The original idea was NOT to decrease time downloading.  It was
to setup a skeletal system (like DOS) which has some useful routines
(like starting/stopping processes, sending messages, etc) and 
allows me to send programs from some other source than a ROM
or a download cable.

   This system is not a 'start-it-up-and-let-it-run'
sort of thing.  It is a flexible system which might be called upon
to run several different programs at different times.  Just like
you would never want to store ALL PC programs on a ROM, so I would
not like to have ALL my programs stored on this ROM.  I want to
be able to download and unload them from remote (serial/ethernet).
It is also a potential that others will be developing for this 
system, thus increasing the number of programs going to it.

   The options now are to do what I was talking about (jumptable),
or finding some other way to start processes while RTEMS is running.

   As an aside, I would not put anything besides OS routines in 
the jump table.  DOS doesn't have 'printf' included, but it does
have its disk procedures there...


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