RTEMS with post-boot code.

Jacob W Janovetz janovetz at ews.uiuc.edu
Wed Oct 29 21:21:40 UTC 1997

> 	The compilation manager changes the linker script to use the address of
> this region as the start of the program sections. ( Recall we have put
> them in order, prog-text, prog-data and prog-bss. )  We then recompile
> and relink.  Afterwards, we extract only that program section from the
> resulting image. ( eg. about 112 bytes for hello world ).  we send this
> image down to the program manager, to be loaded into the given region. (
> again via UDP )

  This seems unacceptable to me.  Depending on what is wanted for
any given situation, I agree that trade-offs must be taken.  I
would much prefer to less segmentation than to have to recompile
and relink for every download.  On each "host" connected to my
"target", I want a bunch of applications.  I accept the need for
a download manager (on the host) and a program manager (on the
target), but I don't accept the need for cross-compilation and 
linking tools on the host.

   At this point, I like Joel's recommendation of the linker option,
but I didn't know that existed.  I have to look into that.

   These are all great options!


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