Ethernet device driver

Joel Sherrill joel at
Fri Sep 19 18:23:55 UTC 1997

On Fri, 19 Sep 1997, Pedro Romano wrote:

>   We're porting Eric's code to some popular PC ethernet cards, namely
> NE2000 + clones and SMC/WD80x3. This is an ongoing effort which should be
> concluded before the end of October.

Wow.  :)

>   I've announced some months ago that there would be a release of the
> PC386 BSP for diskless IBM PC Compatible machines. This is still planned
> and is almost finished (we've already have some documentation to make the
> installation procedure easier) but we've run into some problems and the
> BSP although in working condition, still has some problems (namely with
> the stack schecker optional extension and with fatal error handling) and
> we'll only release it when these are solved... :(

Please remember that the current development tree (which will be the next
release) uses gnu autoconf to configure and build.  It is much easier and
very different to build than 3.6.0.  Please let me know when you think it
is all working so we can try to get it into the next release. 

If these are generic problems, please send me bug reports and fixes.  

>   Since we've been working in other problems this hasn't been a priority,
> but is now reaching the top of the list and with some luck will be handled
> soon.

When you get a chance, let me know so this can be merged against the main


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