Need help with bit_ada script

Juan Zamorano Flores jzamora at
Fri Apr 17 08:34:24 UTC 1998

> Hello,
> I am attempting to install RTEMS 4.0.0 Beta 2 for use with GNAT.
> The host machine is running Linux Redhat 4.2 and we will be trying
> to use the pc386 BSP.  I have already installed the C cross-compiler
> successfully, and have produced some small RTEMS executables in C using
> the pc386 BSP.  I have followed the instructions on the web page, and
> proceeded as far as running the bit_ada script.  After about a half hour
> the bit_ada script dies looking for a program called "spitbol".  I
> have heard of a language called SPITBOL, but I really have no idea how
> to proceed from this point.  Please help!
> Alan St. Pierre
> apierre at

    Hello Alan,

    Where is RTEMS 4.0.0? I am very interested in RTEMS with GNAT, but
the current release that I have installed is 3.6.0 which is in

    Could you send me the URL of RTEMS 4.0.0 web page?

    Thanks in advance

    Juan Zamorano

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