compiling egcs for rtems under cygwin32

Mike Davies mikert at
Wed Apr 22 17:59:48 UTC 1998

In message <19980422072222.11383.rocketmail at>,
Geoffroy Montel <g_montel at> writes


>Gloops! Which version of binutils are you using?
>I didn't try binutils-2.9 yet but I was told it doesn't compile well
>under NT.

Im using Binutils-2.8.1

>I have to check this.
>Maybe you could try binutils-, it's on my ftp server:


>??????????????????? Your files are empty, aren't they?? 
>Have you got a problem with your clock? They were all created on Jan 1
>Make must be upside down!

I think I've forgotten to set my clock !

>You have a problem with binutils, it didn't compile successfully.
>You should try the build procedure one more time from scratch, and store
>every configure and make trace on files.
>For ex:
>binutils/configure [blah-blah] >trace_conf_binutils

OK I'll have a go

>Does anyone know on the list if things for PPC has been changed since
>2.8.1 ?
>(PPC is your target processor, isn't it?)

No, I'm using the i386.


OK :-)


Thanks a lot,


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