bug in termios?

Thomas Doerfler td at imd.m.isar.de
Fri Aug 21 10:09:46 UTC 1998

Hi all,

first of all: Thanks to Eric Norum for the termios support in RTEMS 
(and for KA9Q aswell!).

Now the bad news :-<

While implementing/testing the console/termios support for 
PPC403 in RTEMS-4.0.0-beta3, I am stuck at a certain location in 

During "rtems_termios_initialize", the main control data structure 
"*tty" is allocated using malloc(). (Note, that malloc does not clear 
the allocated memory and my BSP does not clear memory during 
startup). Furtheron, a lot of fields of that structure are initialized, 
but the field "rawOutBufState" is not, and therefore keeps an 
arbitrary contents.

When "osend()" is called the first time(with the serial device driver 
working in interrupt mode), termios gets stuck and will not call the 
device drivers output function.

My questions now are:

- anybody already experienced this bug?
- is it a bug at all or did I do anything fundamentally wrong?
- is there already a common bugfix for that?

I don't like poking around in other people code, as long as I am not 
absolutely sure, what I do...

Another question:
is there a sample device driver using "termios" together with 
XON/XOFF support? I found some definitions for XON/XOFF, but as 
far as I understand, termios will NOT manage that (up to now :->?) 
and I will need XON/XOFF for my application...


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Thomas Doerfler           Herbststrasse 8
D-82178 Puchheim          Germany
email:    td at imd.m.isar.de

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