4.0 Beta PC version problems

Brian Stevens bstevens at dra.hmg.gb
Tue Jul 21 08:01:26 UTC 1998


I have built the i386-pc version of rtems and produced a bootable 
image using grub.  However, the bootdisc will not work on one type of 
PC (Dell Optiplex 466/MX) but seems to work ok on the other types I 
have tried it on.

The steps are as follows :-

1) Boot machine
2) Loads GRUB
3) Select Hello world test from grub memu
4) Kernel = (fd0)/hello.exe message
5) Loading message appears - Loading: [format=NetBSD-a.out, 
loadaddr=0x100000, text=0x16d60, C, data=0xde4, bss=0x3c74, 

6) system hangs.

 Unfortunately the spare PCs that I have available 
for use with RTEMS are Optiplex 466/MX

Does any one have any suggestions.

Thank You
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