PowerPC in RTEMS 4.0

Simon Dismo simon.dismo at otso.euromail.se
Mon Jun 15 12:41:32 UTC 1998

 Does anyone know if there is more stuff for PowerPC in the
upcoming 4.0 release? I'd like to see some support for the
Motorola embedded PPC family. I don't mind writing a BSP my
self but I do not want to do the job if somebody else already 

 In our lab I have access to MPC860 (Motorola MBX860 board)
and MPC823 (Motorola MPC823ADS board). Anyone else interested 
in these targets? Any pointers to good information sources?

 During the summer I'll be evaluating some comercial RTOS'es
for an upcoming product. I don't know if RTEMS could be used
as well. I just thought that writing cpu/BSP support for these
targets would make me learn all I ever wanted to know about
embedded PPCs.

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Simon Dismo
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