My view about RTEMS and GO32

Jose Carlos Oliveira jcarlos at
Wed Mar 4 09:35:37 UTC 1998


After seeing the Go32 V1 code I noticed that the paging mechanism is based on exceptions. This approach means, that each time RTEMS uses for the first time a page, GO32 switches to Real Mode, pages the memory, and switch back to protected mode. Has I understand, this behavior is not consistent with a RTOS like RTEMS.

Is this problem addressed in the new version ?

If in the new version the intention is to use the Version 2 (which uses a DPMI server), the problem is still present. Don't you think that is a good idea to have a small program in DOS that loads the RTEMS and after that is RTEMS that is responsible of configuring the system and switching to protected mode, maybe using the code for the FORCE386 BSP?

Maybe I'm behind scheduling and this approach is used in the new version


J. Carlos
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