RTEMS OS usage

Anthony M. Giovino agiovino at stisierra.com
Mon Mar 23 17:13:58 UTC 1998

We are mainly a pSOS classic / pSOS+ house.  Our host platform is Sun
Solaris.  We are interested in how widely RTEMS is used.  We have
several potential products (68360, MVME162, MVME172) we could use RTEMS
on.  The Gnu tool chain is widely used and we can justify its use to
management.  RTEMS appears to be put together well, but we don't have
enough references to go to management with.  Management has only given
us enough funds to form a GO / NO-GO decision.

What RTEMS version(s) are you using?

How many of your products use RTEMS?  On what processor families?

Are RTEMS OS calls fast enough for your real-time application(s)?  Have
you encountered any problems?  What is the general nature of your

Do you use the Gnu tool chain with an add on package?  How long did
it take to set up the tool chain?  Did you have any problems?  Was the
provided documentation sufficient?

Have you contracted with On-line Applications Research Corporation for
support?  If so, which type and have you been satisfied?

Have you contracted with Cygnus Solutions for support?  If so, have you
been satisfied?

Any information you provide would be greatly appreciated.

My apologies to those of you I already contacted before I found out
about the mailing list.

Thanks in advance,

Tony G.

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