Upgrading at last!

Chris Johns cjohns at plessey.com.au
Wed Mar 4 22:53:27 UTC 1998

Erik Ivanenko wrote:
> I am about to begin rebuilding my development environment.  So far, I
> have installed the "Linux Universe" version. It's the UNIFIX version.
> This version comes with gcc as the stock compiler.
> Should I replace this with egcs prior to building the cross-compiler? or
> , should I just look at the egcs as source for a cross-compiler build? (
> In all previous cross-compiler builds, I always built the latest C
> compiler first.)

I am using RedHat 4.0->5.0 on various machine with various RPM

I use the --prefix parameter with configure to keep EGCS away from the
stock compiler provided by RedHat. I sometimes need to upgrade the
kernel and the stock compiler is best for this job.

You should use a native egcs compiler to build an egcs cross-compiler.

> Should I also install the cpp-libs?

This will depend on the target you are running on. The egcs STL lib
uses exceptions. Think most targets are supported but have never tried
on the 68k processors I use.

What I am not too sure about with the C++ libs in EGCS is what is
GLP/LGPL and what is not ?


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