user task not created

Eric Norum eric at skatter.USask.Ca
Thu Mar 19 16:49:24 UTC 1998

Geoffroy Montel <g_montel at> wrote:
> I found out why it blocks
> The structure is statically allocated at memory adress 0
> I just put the data section after 0, at $10 for example, and it
> works better... the user task is created and running
> There's still a problem with the printf, it blocks, but that's
> another never ending story!
> Sorry for bothering the list with self questions-answers
> (but I don't know how it can work with data section at $0
> did it work with other boards by chance ??)

Yes, you must avoid placing a valid data element at location 0,  
since &that_first_element is indistinguishable from NULL.

The trick is to change the linker script to put in a dummy longword  
at the beginning of the data segment (just like the old PDP-11 split  
I/D architecture.....).

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