more rtems/powerpc/simulator info

Brendan Simon brendan at
Thu Nov 5 11:35:41 UTC 1998

The simulator barfs when trying to disable instruction cache and data
Does the simulator support this or do I have to conditionally compile
this code out.  What if it is a a startup file library ??

Brendan Simon.

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I am trying to use RTEMS with the powerpc simulator that is configured
into GDB.  I can get the simulator to run some intstructions but it
barfs when trying to access special purpose registers.  I am compiling
code for the MPC860 using the -mcpu=860 in the GCC command line.

Do I have to specify something similar to let the powerpc simulator know

what architecture it is supposed to simulate ?

Are there any docs available on the simulator besides the tiny bits that

are in the GDB manual ?

Brendan Simon.

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