rtems with powerpc simulator help

joel at OARcorp.com joel at OARcorp.com
Wed Nov 4 14:14:35 UTC 1998

On Thu, 5 Nov 1998, Brendan Simon wrote:

> I am trying to use RTEMS with the powerpc simulator that is configured
> into GDB.  I can get the simulator to run some intstructions but it
> barfs when trying to access special purpose registers.  I am compiling
> code for the MPC860 using the -mcpu=860 in the GCC command line.

I do not think psim supports any special purpose registers which are CPU
model specific.  Certainly none of the ones for the 860.

> Do I have to specify something similar to let the powerpc simulator know
> what architecture it is supposed to simulate ?

AFAIK it supports 60x series CPUs only.  FPU can be disabled.

> Are there any docs available on the simulator besides the tiny bits that
> are in the GDB manual ?

Start at www.cygnus.com/~meissner and follow the links.  He keeps the
manuals online.


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