ADS860 remote debugging with gdbserver

Brendan Simon brendan at
Sat Nov 7 12:02:28 UTC 1998

I have an ADS860 board connected to a Win98 machine.  It uses the ADI
card and PPC8BUG v1.5 montitor software running on the win98 host.  I
can type "gdbserver :debug" to run the gdbserver on the win98 host.  I
can also connect to it via tcp/ip using gdb (powerpc-rtems-gdb) on my
linux box using "target remote host:8000".  I can load a program to the
ADS target and alter global variables ok.  eg. set testvar = 23.  I can
set the $PC and see all the registers.  Everything appears to work fine
until I try to step through a program with "stepi".  It continually
returns with out moving the PC.  If I try "step" it just continually
sends the step command and never returns.  The only thing I can do is a
control-C and that detaches the target.  Is there something I'm doing
wrong or is it possibly a bug somewhere ?

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