RTEMS 4.0.0 is Available

mark.johannes jmj at oarcorp.com
Thu Nov 19 22:44:44 UTC 1998

RTEMS 4.0.0 is now available from the new OAR Corporation website:

This is a major upgrade from the previous public release (3.6.0).

Major enhancements include:

       + addition of the FreeBSD TCP/IP stack 
       + configuration via GNU autoconf 
       + POSIX threads and real-time extensions 
       + C++ Binding for Classic API 
       + new Board Support Packages: 
         - self booting pc386 BSP 
         - psim (for free PowerPC 60x simulator) 
         - helas403 (PowerPC 403) 
         - ods68302 
         - bare BSP 
       + port to the Hitachi SH 
       + better integration with the GNU tools 
       + support for more hosts including CygWin32 and FreeBSD. 
       + GNAT/RTEMS (native Ada tasking with RTEMS)

RTEMS is a real-time executive with the following features:

       + multitasking 
       + homogeneous and heterogeneous multiprocessor systems 
       + event-driven, priority-based, preemptive scheduling 
       + optional rate monotonic scheduling 
       + intertask communication and synchronization 
       + priority inheritance and ceiling protocols 
       + responsive interrupt management 
       + high level of user configurability 
       + reentrant ANSI C Library 
       + ported to the Motorola mc680x0, Motorola 683xx, Motorola
         ColdFire, Intel i386 and i960, HP PA-RISC, SPARC, MIPS,
         PowerPC, AMD a29k, and Hitachi SH.

OAR would like to thank everyone who contributed to RTEMS. Special thanks
to Eric Norum, Ralf Corsepius, Jiri Gaisler, Chris Johns, Tony Bennett,
David Fiddes, Eric Valette, Emmanuel Raguet, Geoffroy Montel, Rod Barman,
Dario Alcocer, Katsutoshi Shibuya, Thomas Doerfler, Ian Lance Taylor,
Dominique le Campion, Erik Ivanenko, Aleksey Romanov, Pedro Romano, and
many others who have submitted to the RTEMS Project.

Please follow the instructions for installation of the RTEMS Environment
found in the "Getting Started with RTEMS for C/C++ Users" manual. This
manual is online in
the Free Support area or is found as a Postscript or Acrobat PDF file
within the download image. 

Testing Description
This file is current for the 4.0.0 release.

BSPs that do not report ALL TESTS are provided "AS IS".

The RTEMS project uses Intel x86 based computers running the RedHat
distribution of the Linux operating system internally for development.  
This release has been tested on the following Languages/CPUs/Targets using
RedHat Linux 5.0 as the host environment:

   CPU      CPU
  FAMILY   MODEL             TARGET               SUITES
 ========  ========= =======================   ===============
   m68k    m68000    efi68k                       (note 1)
   m68k    m68020    Motorola MVME136             (note 1, 6)
   m68k    m68030    Motorola MVME147             (note 1)
   m68k    m68030    Motorola MVME147s            (note 1)
   m68k   m68lc040   Motorola MVME162             (note 1)
   m68k   m68lc040   Motorola MVME162LX           (note 1)
   m68k   m68ec040   Motorola IDP                 (note 1)
   m68k    m68020    DY-4 DMV152                  (note 1)
   m68k    m68302    generic 68302                (note 1)
   m68k    m68302    ods 68302                    (note 1)
   m68k    m68332    efi332                       (note 1)
   m68k    m68360    generic 68360                (note 1, 6)
   m68k    m68360    68360 in companion mode      (note 1, 6)
   i386   i386_fp    Force CPU-386                (note 1, 7) 
   i386   i386ex     generic i386ex               (note 1, 6) 
   i386    ix86      bare PC (pc386)              (note 1, 6)
   i386    i486      DJGPP/PC-AT                  (note 7)
   i386   pentium    DJGPP/PC-AT                  (note 7)
   i960   i960ca     Cyclone CVME961              (note 4)
   hppa   hppa7100   simhppa                      (note 1)
   mips   idt4600    p4000                        (note 1)
   mips   idt4650    p4000                        (note 1)
 powerpc  ppc403     helas403                     (note 1, 6)
 powerpc  ppc403     Papyrus                      (note 1)
 powerpc  ppc403     psim                         (note 5)
   sh     sh7032     generic sh1                  (note 1)
  sparc    erc32     generic erc32               ALL TESTS (note 5)
   a29k    a29k      port sw                      (note 2)
   UNIX      NA      Solaris 2 (SPARC)            (note 2) 
   UNIX      NA      Solaris 2 (SPARC)            (note 2) 
   UNIX      NA      Linux (i386)                ALL TESTS (inlines)
   UNIX      NA      Linux (i386)                ALL TESTS (macros)
   UNIX      NA      HPUX (PA-RISC)               (note 2)
  no_cpu     NA      no_bsp                       (note 3)


"NOT TESTED" indicates that this was not tested in the testing cycle
immediately preceding the snapshot.

(1) Target board is not owned by RTEMS Project.  The target is known
    to compile and link with all appropriate tests successfully.
    If the target does not support multiprocessor configurations, then
    "ALL TESTS" does not include the multiprocessor tests.

(2) RTEMS Project cannot internally compile or test this target.
    As of 4.0.0, the HP-UX target is not recognized in the configure
    script.  The a29k does not use GNU tools and may suffer from bit rot. 

(3) Target is not intended to be executed.  It is only an example.

(4) The board owned by the RTEMS Project is broken.  The BSP is known
    to compile and link with all appropriate tests successfully.

(5) This BSP is tested on a CPU software simulator.

(6) This BSP was tested by an RTEMS volunteer and reported to work.

(7) The BSP is no longer in the test cycle.  For information on what would
be required to update it contact rtems_info at OARcorp.com.

Mark Johannes
Joel Sherrill

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