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Duncan Smith dds at flavors.com
Fri Oct 2 21:04:30 UTC 1998

At 1:28 PM -0500 9/30/98, joel at oarcorp.com wrote:
>On Wed, 30 Sep 1998, Pollak Leon wrote:
>> 	I am trying to "port" the RTEMS installation under Cygwin32 into
>> CodeWarrier IDE for my MPC860 project. The only reason for this is the
>> 860ís BDM support which the CodeWarrier debugger has. Everything went
>> difficult but somehow OíK up to the moment when I tried to convert linkcmds
>> script. I couldnít overcome two issues:
>What version are you using?
>Hopefully this will work. I think someone did something similar EONS ago
>(3.5.1?) on a Mac targetting a 60x.

We converted RTEMS to CodeWarrior projects.  We don't use any of the
makefiles or scripts.

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