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Mike Davies mikert at noco.demon.co.uk
Sun Oct 4 10:56:33 UTC 1998

In message <013c01bdeee7$3bf96ca0$2a84c389 at escom.fiddes-
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>For the record Geoffroy Montel and I (both total unix newbies) "ported"
>RTEMS so that it built under Windows NT in a couple of afternoons. A little
>bit of configure/autoconf tidying was needed to get things working really
>neatly but other than that it all worked more or less straight off. 

How on earth did you manage that ? I've been trying for *months* to get
the RTEMS toolset to compile without any success. I've tried Cygwin b19
(both versions), and Linux 5.1 hosts, both give compilation errors. I'm
using the versions of the patches etc found in the beta3 directory, and
I'd dearly love to be able to make an NT hosted 386 target toolset for

If you can spare the time to tell me how it's done I'd be eternally

(Alternatively, if anybody can provide me with a pre-compiled set of
binaries, that would be great too)


Mike Davies

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