Jiri Gaisler jgais at ws.estec.esa.nl
Thu Oct 8 08:27:26 UTC 1998

> Hello,
>         Is here in RTEMS community somebody who has experiense of debugging RTEMS
> application with gdb via serial channel?
>         Thanks ahead.
> Leon M.Pollak
> leonp at plris.com

I have used the gdb-stub for sparc targets to implement a simple
monitor that can be used to debug RTEMS applications on a remote
target. There were three issues that required some attention:

1. How to halt all timers when a breakpoint is reached and 
   re-enable them when control is given back to the application.

2. How to insert the breakpoint trap-handlers into the trap table
   of the RTEMS program.

3. How to setup the UART interrupt handler so that a 'break-in'
   is possible when typing Ctrl-C in gdb.

Feel free to mail me directly for more details.

Regards, Jiri.


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