powerpc-rtems configure problem

Brendan Simon brendan at dgs.monash.edu.au
Fri Oct 30 09:31:31 UTC 1998

I'm following the rtems-4.0.0b documentation to build cross-egcs and

The "./bit powerpc" completed successfully.  I tested the cross compiler
using the given example and using the -S switch.  The assmebler output
was generated ok.

When I try "./bit_rtems powerpc" the rtems configure script fails.  This
is because the compiler wont link.  There are undefined symbols in
libgcc like __SDATA_START__, __SBSS_END__, etc.  Is this because it
can't find any linker scripts or startup files such as crt0??

Is this a bsp problem ?  The user.cfg as BSP=ALL.  Is this ok or should
I select bare ?  Does anyone have a bsp for the MPC860 ADS board  or
MPC860 MBX board ??

Sorry for all the questions.  If the answers are in some other
documentation please point me to them

Brendan Simon.

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