Port to CodeWarrier

Pollak Leon leonp at plris.com
Wed Sep 30 19:45:32 UTC 1998

	I am trying to "port" the RTEMS installation under Cygwin32 into
CodeWarrier IDE for my MPC860 project. The only reason for this is the
860’s BDM support which the CodeWarrier debugger has. Everything went
difficult but somehow O’K up to the moment when I tried to convert linkcmds
script. I couldn’t overcome two issues:
  1 .  The ectrio.o module which is linked in from cross tools contains
additional declaration of the .sbss2 section which is not recognized as
ordinary BSS-type section. For this purpose the ld-script contains this
definition twice, but what is it really? The CodeWarrier’s linker doesn’t
allow such definitions.
  2 .  What is this unresolved reference _GLOBAL_OFFSET_TABLE_ and how to
define it?
	A lot of thanks ahead to those who can answer this. And may be there are
some news about gdb BDM support for MPC860 or any other decisions? 

                                Dr.Leon M.Pollak
                         PLR Information Systems Ltd.
                            E-mail: leonp at plris.com

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