IMFS demos ( examples ) ???

Rosimildo DaSilva rdasilva at
Thu Dec 30 19:37:39 UTC 1999


I am wondering if there are some examples of how to use the
IMFS now available on RTEMS. Something similar to the 
Network demos. A document is nice, but some examples make things a lot

It would be nice if they have:

1. Example on how to "get" files from ROM to the FS, like ".zip" and
2. file2rom.exe utility to read a file and generate "C" module to be
linked with application( rom code ).
3. Example on how to "mount" things.
4. Usage of the IMFS with TFTP/FTP and HTTP server.
5.   Example of updating files to remote locations through FTP/TFTP.

Regards, Rosimildo.

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