using "bare" bsp option

Ahmet Akkas akkas at
Wed Aug 9 16:08:50 UTC 2000

Hi everybody,

Before I ask my question, I want to tell you what I had right now.
I built the RTEMS using Lucent's tools (compiler, assmbler, etc.) for
a Lucent's 16000 DSP processor. Right now I have not created any bsp
for it but I used bare bsp option to build the RTEMS's kernel.

My question is the following: Is bare bsp option sufficent to able to
compile a simple application and put it into the Lucent's simulator?

I should point out two things at this level. First, I realized that 
the shared library (under the ../c/src/lib/libbsp/shared )is not compiled
and added to the built RTEMS library. As you know this library has 
initialization and console routines. I am planning to compile the files
in this directory and add them into built RTEMS libraries.

Second, right now I am not sure how to handle crt0.o file. In the RTEMS
documentation, it is said that startsim.o will be used instaed of crt0.o.
There is aslo crti.o file.

Please let me know your suggestions. I really appreciate it.


Ahmet Akkas

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