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Mon Aug 14 23:31:09 UTC 2000

Alfredo Masias wrote:
> Hi Rosimildo
> We decided to do our development with microwindows on linux, and then port
> it to RTEMS as the target.  I installed microwindows, built it and ran the
> demos successfuly.  Now I am not sure how to start my first sample app in
> microwindows. I thought I was going to get an environment window or
> something to develop in after the build.

Ok. You are going to use Linux as the "host" development machine,
and my understading is that you got MicroWindows running. Cool !!!.

Now, Install the RTEMS tools on this linux box, and compile
MicroWindows for RTEMS. Check the same demos, and see if they
run fine on your target. Later, start your own application.

> What I did was got a copy of one of the demos and tried to compile it
> separately to take it as my first experiment, but didn't compile.
> Could you please give me any advice?
> I'll appreciate any assistance.

Linux development is not the same as RTEMS development. You will
need two different compilers. One for Linux Development to check
your MicroWindows tests under Linux, and another one to
generate code for RTEMS.

If you are not familiar with embedded development, I would 
recommend getting the "Hello World" example that comes
with RTEMS up and running on your target before doing
anything else.

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