MPC8xx exception handling (or is somebody using 4.5 with MPC8xx)

Peer Stritzinger pstrtems at
Wed Aug 16 21:17:10 UTC 2000


I'm trying to build a BSP for a MPC850 board using the bare BSP
(MPC860) using RTEMS 4.5.0beta3.

At the moment I have troubles getting the exception handling to run
for the on chip ``external'' interrupts.

In the file:


there is support for the on chip interrupt handler irq's that are
routed to the external interrupt (at 0x500).  For example when I want
to have a handler for the LVL1 irq I can install it at vector
PPC_IRQ_LVL1.  This installs a pseudo irq stub but this stub is never
called because there is no generic external interrupt handler (that
should be installed at 0x500) to reroute the irq to the pseudo stub.

Did I miss something?

Is anybody using 4.5 with MPC8xx?

If yes how are is the on chip interrupt handler used?

Peer Stritzinger

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