RRM -- Remote Resources Monitor for RTEMS

Rosimildo da Silva rdasilva at connecttel.com
Sat Aug 19 16:57:45 UTC 2000

RRM - Remote Resources Monitor for RTEMS

It is a client/server application based on CORBA. The server side is a
C++ CORBA object that runs on RTEMS, and it collects resource
information of target. 

The client is a java swing based application that shows resources
information, collected from the target, from any host that supports java
1.2 or higher. 

The main reason for writing this application is to show how to integrate
your RTEMS target with other enterprise computers using CORBA. 

It is not a goal of this application to teach you how to use CORBA, Java
or any other technology used here. 

Also, do not use it as a way to learn CORBA/Java/Swing/etc. There are
many resources on the internet covering all these technologies. 

Be warned, the technologies used here are complex, and setting them up
can be a pain. 

Download it from here:

Screen Shot:  http://members.xoom.com/rosimildo/rtems_rrm.gif

Have fun.
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