Baking a i386-rtems image

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Wed Aug 23 15:38:51 UTC 2000

Hello Listers!

I'm new to RTEMS and all the stuff around. I try it out, because I think 
of creating something like a small unix system on top of a bootable RTEMS 
kernel for i386 (i586). Something like these one floppy linux 
distributions - at first just for my own enjoyment.

I got the RTEMS beta compiled for to run under linux, but now I downloaded 
the four RPMs for to create a native i386 version. Doing this some few 
questions came up:

- I configured my system like:
./configure --target=i386 --enable-rtemsbsp=i386-rtems

While configuration configure stops with an error:
checking for make/custom/i386-rtems.cfg ... configure: error: no

And yes: in the make/custom dir, there is no such .cfg-file. There is just 
a pc386 and some others. 

So now I tried different combinations for the target and the rtemsbsp, but 
in all cases I got some errors. Can somebody give me as a totally newbie a 

The second thing is: How can I generate something like a bootable kernel 
image (with pc386_lilo). Really, my question is, what to do after the 
kernel is booted. Does the system behave like a unix or linux system, that 
the first executed program is init, and can I pre-create a filesystem?

Sorry, for so many questions.

Another thing: if the documentation is rewritten somday, it would be fine 
to make more clear, that the build directory has to be not the one in the 
distribution, but to be on the same layer of the filesystem, as the 
untarred distribution is. This took me about 1,5 hours.

Is there something like a hardware compatibility list for i386 target? 
What is functioning or is distributed?

Thanks in advance.
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