Antwort: Java under RTEMS --- status ??

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Fri Aug 25 08:26:23 UTC 2000

>Kaffe   --- I guess this is probably dead by now.

Possibly you know, that transvirtual gave away it's framebuffer based 
kaffe GUI implementation now under a free license - before it was a 
commercial product (the same for win32 implementation. They made a product 
"pocketlinux" from that, where linux is used as a kernel directly laying 
under the kaffe VM. Adapting the framebuffer interface (microwindows for 
RTEMS) could be a good base for to bring it up. Another possibility could 
be to use huge X11 and it's Lib under RTEMS. But I do not know about a 
status here.

Till now there are just two (non-intel) ports of kaffe/FB available. In 
the next release it shall be re-united with the free X11 edition, but this 
will take a small time from now on.

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