Running RTEMS samples on MCP750

Stefan Asserhall assers at
Wed Aug 30 15:30:38 UTC 2000

We've successfully built RTEMS for the powerpc MCP750, but the samples
won't run the way we expected. Should it be possible to do the following?
If not, how should it be done? 

 cd mcp750/samples
 ppc-gdb hello.exe
 (gdb) target ppcbug /dev/ttyS1
 (gdb) load
 .entry_point_section    : 0x00000000 .. 0x00000004  
 .text   : 0x00003000 .. 0x0001e4cc
 (gdb) run

For us the processor dies after run, and must be reset.

Stefan Asserhäll

PS. This is probably a VERY stupid question...

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