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OUTWATER vac4050 at
Tue Aug 1 22:17:49 UTC 2000

Hoang - 

I have successfully configured and compiled the TCL lib for versions 8.31 and 8.4a 
using an RTEMS-specific makefile.  I am trying to get tclsh working under RTEMS 
(gen68360 BSP), but it is currently crashing with an illegal address exception.

I posted the makefile and other instructions to the list (see the archives on

I haven't been able to spend a lot of time on this (my primary job is as a digital 
circuit designer).  Note that none of the TCL library stuff has been tested under 
RTEMS yet (that's what tclsh was going to be for).

If you are able to get things going, by all means post your results!


> I am looking for the Tcl installation package for RTEMS. Please
> drop me a line if you have any info on this.
> TIA,
> Hoang

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