mcp750 code region full was Re: Undefined reference to rtems_bsdnet_config

Joel Sherrill joel.sherrill at
Wed Aug 2 21:27:27 UTC 2000

> > o-rtmon.rel -ltcl8.4 -lm -lnetworking -lrtemsall -lnetchip
> > /opt/rtems/powerpc-rtems/bin/ld: region CODE is full (o-optimize/rlchk
> > section .
> > rodata)
> > /opt/rtems/powerpc-rtems/bin/ld: section .data [00003000 -> 0000bc0b]
> > overlaps s

This looks like the executable has grown too large to fit into
the space reserved for it in the linkcmds file.  See

FWIW it reserves a LOT of memory ... what are you linking again?

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