Undefined reference to rtems_bsdnet_config

Rosimildo daSilva rdasilva at connecttel.com
Thu Aug 3 21:05:13 UTC 2000

From: OUTWATER <vac4050 at cae597.rsc.raytheon.com>
To: rtems-users at oarcorp.com <rtems-users at oarcorp.com>
Date: Thursday, August 03, 2000 3:18 PM
Subject: RE: Undefined reference to rtems_bsdnet_config

>Hoang -
>I can't help with the ethernet driver problem, but as far as the tar issue
>concerned, it's mentioned in the README in the "TO-DO" list as something
that needs
>Basically, I used a method discussed awhile back on the list to tar up an
>filesystem that contained files required by the network stack and in the
case of
>tclsh, some tcl scripts as well.  tclsh wants to source some scripts as
part of its
>startup, and I was trying to make sure that they were there.

You can use the network demos as a start point for the network

Be warned: I have not looked to them recently, but the netdemos examples
that I downloaded a while back did not initialize the network stack
100% correctly.

Chris Jones posted some extra routines, here in the list, that created some
files, used by the TCP/IP stack, to make some routines work properly.
If memory serves, the routine gethostbyaddr( ... ) would return NULL for
name translations. I had a hard time to get this working properly.

Advise: get the network configured and working before you go any further.

If you want, I can e-mail the initialization that use with the omniOrb. Or
you can go the site and check out for your self.


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