frame_dummy and the 68000.

Chris Johns cjohns at
Tue Aug 8 13:01:30 UTC 2000

Rosimildo da Silva wrote:
> Chris Johns wrote:
> >
> > Hi,
> >
> > Getting ELF C++ static constructors to run on a 68302 I am getting an
> > illegal instruction exception in frame_dummy (crtstuff.c in gcc
> > sources). I have marked the code which is not supported on the 68000. I
> > built the compiler but I see it is in the RPMs as well.
> >
> > Is this a multilib bug in gcc ?
> >
> > Does a patch exist ?
> >
> My $.02:
> Maybe some compile flag is missing when compiling
> multilib for 68K family. If the invalid opcode
> is not valid for that processor, how about adding
>  "-mcpu=<your_processor_family>"

It looks to me like crtbegin.o is not being multilib'ed so I am not sure
the effect flags would have. IMO it should fall under the same makefile
magic as libgcc.a

I have worked around the problem by coping the crt*.o files into the
subdirectory m68000 under the gcc-lib directory tree, rebuilt the
compiler, deleted crtbegin.o, got the compile line then added -m68000
and built the file by hand. The code is different and works. The linker
knows to use the m68000 files rather than the 68020 ones in the higher
directory which is nice.

I am puzzled why the cdtest for the 68000 did not pick this problem up
long ago. I also had a quick look around the GCC mailing archives and
could find no references to the problem.

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