frame_dummy and the 68000.

Chris Johns cjohns at
Tue Aug 8 13:37:10 UTC 2000

Detlef Voss wrote:
> This is obviously no good solution, but it should work.

I defer to the gcc people for the best solution.

> The next ´tools related´ problem I ran into was gdb & the old HP stub
> (found in the efi68k stuff). After running into an breakpoint, the
> programmcounter will point _behind_ the trap instruction, so continue
> will fail. But as I did not apply the rtems patch to gdb I do not know
> if this is already fixed. So I would be interested in knowing if this is
> still a problem on the 68000.

It is an issue in the "sample" HP stub. My solution to this was to fixed
the stub. Look for the trap#1 exception and back the PC by 2. Easier to
change my code than GDB. GDB has a macro to control the behaviour. I
suspect a patch to change it will never be accepted as it would break
all currently working stubs including mine.

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