BDM Interface for GDB (68360)

OUTWATER vac4050 at
Wed Aug 9 16:36:21 UTC 2000

Jose - 
For A):

I built the Public Domain (PD) BDM interface from Eric Norum's GDB-BDM package, but I 
also wanted a commercial alternative since I need more than one and I don't have the 
time to build them either.

I corresponded with Motorola technical support to determine whether Motorola's 
commerical BDM interface will work with GDB.  The Motorola P/N is: M68ICD32.  The 
price I was quoted from Avnet Electronics for this part was $149.50 USD.

As part of my checkout of my homemade PD BDM circuit, I used the DOS based debugger 
software which is available free on the Motorola Web Site:

The DOS debugger S/W worked fine with the PD BDM interface.  The PD BDM interface also 
works fine with GDB.  

It stands to reason that if the Motorola M68ICD32 BDM interface worked with the free 
DOS debugger, it would work with GDB as well.  I posed the question to Motorola tech 
support and was told that the M68ICD32 is compatible with the free BDM interface.

When I get the M68ICD32 and try it I'll post the results.


> I need the BDM interface for 68360 (Parallel Port to BDM connector), but I
> haven't time to build the interface by myself.
> A) Does anybody know where I can buy a interface "compatible"  with GDB?
> B) I have a P&E Microcomputer Interface (Interface that works with SDS
> compiler), is there some way to put this Interface to work with GDB?
> Thanks,
> Jose.

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